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It stands to reason that surface preparation is a critical first step to ensure the optimal performance of the coating system. To achieve a beautiful and durable finish, the surface must be clean, dry and sound and the correct coating system (primer, undercoat and topcoat) should be used according to the supplier’s specifications. 

The quality of the plaster plays a major role and can be the source of numerous common paint problems if not mixed to the correct ratio and applied under the correct conditions. This has led to multiple types of primers being developed to address some of these scenarios, such as; Plascon Professional Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer which is used as a barrier coat on alkaline substrates such as cement plaster and concrete to protect subsequent coats against alkali burn, a condition that occurs when high alkalinity in masonry substrates break down the paint's binder which results in discolouration of the topcoat.

The environment too, has a major impact on the integrity of the substrate and the performance of the coating system. Plascon specifies the most appropriate and durable coating system under various environmental conditions. This system may be costly and at times an alternative option may be proposed but resilience and durability would be sacrificed to some extent. The environment and the coating system would therefore greatly influence the performance of the coating and the performance trade guarantee period. Plascon conforms to the ISO Standards and regulatory processes in the Decorative and Industrial environments - a quality management standard used by organizations to prove that they provide services and/or products that meet certain requirements under conditions such as pollution, humidity, condensation, coastal salt spray, corrosion, etc. (View tables here)

All life expectancies are calculated by testing the coating system under different conditions and on the assumption that the surface preparation has been correctly done, the substrate is in good condition in a mild environment. 

Plascon offers a number of guarantees best suited to our different customer bases.    


  1. The Consumer/ Retail Guarantee 

This is indicated on the paint topcoat packaging. As Plascon has no control over the step-by-step surface preparation and application processes or skill level of the applicator and projects are generally small and of less risk to Plascon, the guarantee is offered on all household projects with paint value less than R150 000. The guarantee can be logged, together with proof of payment and product batch numbers, with Plascon on 0860 20 40 60. Terms and conditions of consumer guarantees is available on Should the performance fail due to a product fault, the claim will be calculated on a pro-rata deduction or sliding scale, for example:


  • 5 Year Guarantee on significant substrates with a contract value of R150 000: - 

  • The 1st year is guaranteed 100% of the original contract value.  The remaining 4 years will be pro-rata deducted by 25 % per annum on a reducing contract value to zero at the end of the 5th year period. 

  • 12 Year Guarantee on significant substrates with a contract value of R300 000: - 

  • The 1st year is guaranteed 100% of the original contract value.  The remaining 11 years will be pro-rata deducted by 9% per annum on a reducing contract value to zero at the end of the 12th year period. 

Picture 1.png

2. Trade Guarantees.

Trade projects are significantly higher risk to Plascon due to the size of the projects, high paint value and cost of labour involved. 

Building assessments are of paramount importance when specifying for trade projects as this ensures fit-for-purpose specification systems. We recommend customised coating systems based on the environment, substrate condition, budgets and product performance. Clients want to be assured that their investment is taken care of and the best value for money is realised.

Plascon has a comprehensive range of products at our disposal which allows us to specify systems for the purpose they were designed for. 

There are different types of Trade guarantees:

2.1 Plascon Product Guarantee  is offered on projects where the paint value is between R100 000 and R249 999 and a Plascon specification has been written.

2.2 Plascon 360 Quality Assurance Guarantee is offered on projects where the paint value exceeds R250 000, a Plascon Specifier issues a formal Plascon Specification and the project is awarded to a Plascon Preferred Applicator, who works in accordance with the specification and supplies a workmanship assurance. In the event of a proven product failure, Kansai Plascon undertakes to supply such materials and labour at no cost, that may reasonably be required to rectify the problem. These projects qualify for the Plascon 360 Partnership Pledge - a comprehensive, tailored service solution offering you coating specification and assessment, colour assistance, application assistance, quality management, monitoring and maintenance service co-ordination for your property portfolio.

The terms of the Guarantee will be for the stated life expectancy commencing on the date of completion of a particular section of the work and subject to a pro-rata deduction of total cost of rectification.

2.3 Plascon Product Performance letter is offered where the applicator is not a Plascon contractor and no formal specification has been compiled but Plascon coating systems have been applied.

 Clarifying some industry terminology:

  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: Based on case studies, this is the statistical measure of the average time in which the coating system is expected to perform.

  • MAINTENANCE CYCLE: The ongoing preventive maintenance tasks are performed from the project’s completion to the end of the projected life expectancy. 

  • GUARANTEE: A formal fixed assurance (typically in writing) that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially that a product will be repaired or replaced if not of a specified quality.

Clients and Contractors can contact Plascon for more information on the Trade guarantees and Plascon Preferred Applicators on Plascon 0860 20 40 60.

Plascon strives to offer the best coating system and professional service to our clients thereby extending the life expectancy of the coating on your building, adding value to your property and a cost saving over a longer period of time.

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