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Polycell Rockset



A fast setting hydraulic cement compound for anchoring fixtures.

Areas of Use

* Recommended for anchoring bolts, posts, screws, etc to horizontal or vertical positions. * Also recommended for patching floors where rapid set is required. * For use on cement, concrete, fibre cement, brick & stone.


* A fast anchoring cement formulated to have high strength and adhesion. * The initial set is complete within 30 minutes after which light weight fixtures and equipment may be fastened into place and floors would be ready for light traffic.* After one hour @ 23 °C heavy machinery can be bolted down and operated normally without the danger of bolts loosening. *Repaired floors are ready for normal use (vehicles and foot traffic) after one hour @ 23 °C. * When fully cured the applied product has greater compression strength than conventional concrete. * Exhibits controlled expansion on curing thereby ensuring superior adhesion resulting in permanent bonding. * Does not promote the rusting of embedded metal.


Spread Rate

Fine Grey powder

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