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Polycell Polyfilla Interior



A fine general purpose filler for use on most interior surfaces.

Areas of Use

* Recommended for repairs 5mm and deeper on all interior cement and gypsum plaster, wood or other masonry surfaces before painting. * It can also be used for texturing of surfaces, for sculpturing and modelling, for repairing plaster cornices and picture frames, etc.


* Specially blended to produce a high compressive strength and excellent adhesion. * It mixes easily with water to a lump-free and slump resistant paste which can be worked to a smooth finish. * It sands easily when dry to a perfectly smooth surface. * Does not shrink when setting and is able to withstand shock, vibration and impact. It can therefore take screws or nails without chipping or cracking. * Can be over coated with enamel or water based coatings after priming.


Spread Rate

Off White powder

Refer TDS

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