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Polycell Polyfilla Exterior



White cement based general purpose filler.

Areas of Use

* Recommended for crack repairs to all exterior masonry, concrete, stone and stucco cement rendering. * It can also be used for repairing brickwork, corners and surfaces. * For filling small holes, imperfections and suitably primed cracks. * It can also be used on interior surfaces in damp or wet conditions.


* Specially formulated to produce a high compressive strength and excellent adhesion under most conditions. Suitable for use under damp conditions. * It mixes easily with water to a lump-free and slump resistant paste which can be applied to a smooth finish. * When mixed has a working time of 30 minutes under normal conditions. * Sands easily especially when smoothed before final cure takes place. * Does not shrink when setting and is able to withstand shock, vibration and impact. It can therefore take screws or nails without chipping or cracking.


Spread Rate

Off White powder

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