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Professional Textured Acrylic Coating (PTA/ TPT)



An excellent all-in-one water-based textured coating with Agrément South Africa Certification

Areas of Use

• Both interior and exterior use. • Suitable for new and previously painted masonry surfaces. • Ideal for a variety of surfaces such as cement plaster, concrete, porous brickwork, stonework, ash bricks, cement bricks and building blocks. • Ideal for low cost housing projects.


Professional Textured Acrylic Coat - All in One primer, undercoat and topcoat.
Good adhesion
Direct application to most masonry surfaces
Rain resistant (Satisfactory performance with regards to Agrément South Africa’s water penetration test).
Tough and flexible to fill hairline cracks
Excellent alkali resistant properties for standard colours
Agrément South Africa Certified.


Spread Rate



Refer to TDS

Trade Guarantees are based on quality of substrate, coating system and environment as per ISO/ SANS standards

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