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Woodcare Natural Deck Coating (WWV)



Premium quality water based deck coating for exterior use

Areas of Use

To seal and protect exterior wooden surfaces such as decks, outdoor wood furniture, wooden bridges and docks, garage doors, shutters, window frames, doors, garden furniture, gates etc


*Water based, Easy to apply * Penetrates and rejuvenates wood * Low odour and low VOC * Built in UV stabilisers and preservatives to protect and increase the lifespan of wooden materials * Seals and protects against moisture * Excellent wear resistance * Low-build finish that maintains the natural appearance of wood *Can be used on all wood types (SA Pine, Meranti, Ballau, Saligna)


Spread Rate


Milky in wet state but dries clear

Refer to TDS

Trade Guarantees are based on quality of substrate, coating system and environment as per ISO/ SANS standards

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