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Professional Elastoshield (PES/ TED)



A flexible, durable and weather-proof water-based coating.

Areas of Use

For exterior application to suitably primed new and previously painted plaster, concrete, exposed plastered walls, window sills, small ledges and tops of plaster mouldings, as well as exposed weather-facing walls or fair faced brick walls.


Fibre Guard– Interlocking microfibres to bridge hairline cracks up to 0.08mm
High build film protects and weather-proofs exterior walls
Highly elastic coat that can withstand repeated contraction and expansion over fine cracks
Enhanced flexibility and elongation at low temperature
Can resist cracking at temperatures down to -5 ͦC


Spread Rate


Low Sheen with slight stipple finish

Refer to TDS

Trade Guarantees are based on quality of substrate, coating system and environment as per ISO/ SANS standards

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