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Polycell Sugar Soap Powder



A gentle yet powerful alkaline cleaner.

Areas of Use

*For use on all previously painted surfaces such as brick, concrete, cement plaster, ceramic tiles, metal, painted surfaces (either emulsion paint or enamel), vinyl flooring, roofs etc. * Removal of grease and grime (including crayon and ink marks) from paint film without attacking or destroying the paint film itself. * Removal of grease and grime off walls prior to painting * Degreasing and removing surface contaminants from previously painted floors * Removing surface contaminants and chalking from Roofs * Cleaning drains * General household cleaning including sinks, basins, floors, etc. * Cleaning of tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, showers, etc.


* A multi-purpose cleaning agent. * Suitable for household and industrial use. * No caustic soda present.


Spread Rate

White powder

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