Marroca Coarse Texture

Textured Marroca PTX1200 - PSProduct Code: PTX 1200

Product Description:
A coarse textured water based paint with excellent exterior durability and weather resistance

Packaging: 20ℓ

Finish: Matt with a coarse texture


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Designed to provide an “earthy”, natural appearance, particularly in harsh coastal conditions
  • Particularly suitable for uneven plastered surfaces to cover and level surface defects
  • To be used in areas with hairline plaster cracks for crack bridging properties


  • The rheology and volume solids allow this product to be applied at high film builds, providing many of the benefits listed
  • Protects exterior surfaces against breakdown caused by harsh climatic conditions
  • Reinforced with special aggregates for good exterior durability
  • PROFESSIONAL MARROCA COARSE not only protects, but its coarse texture also hides minor surface irregularities and disguises repaired areas
  • Effectively fills and bridges hairline cracks
  • Resists cracking and crazing associated with more brittle paints


Spreading Rate:
Theoretical Spreading Rate: Approx. 4m²/ℓ @ 125μm DFT
Practical Spreading Rate: Approx. 2.9m²/ℓ @ 125μm DFT

Colours: White (PTX 1200), Pastel (TPX 1000) , Deep (TPX 2000) and Transparent (TPX 3000)

Touch Dry at 23°C: ½ h (at 125μm DFT)

Overcoating Time: 2 h (at 125μm DFT)

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