Waterbased Gypsum Sealer

Prep PGS1-Trade_PS-newProduct Code: PGS 1

Product Description:
A water-based sealer for gypsum, cretestone and masonry surfaces

Finish: Smooth matt


  • Suitable for sealing gypsum based surfaces as well as masonry and Cretestone


  • Waterbased
  • Reduced odour
  • GBSA VOC compliant for interior sealers
  • Improves adhesion of water-based topcoats
  • Quick recoating
  • Good obliteration and spreadability.


Spreading Rate:
Theoretical: 8 m²/ ℓ at 25 μm DFT
Practical: 6 m²/ ℓ

Colours: Off White

Touch Dry at 23°C: ½ hour

Recoating Time: 1hour

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