Galvanised Iron Primer

Prep PP1000-trade_PS-newProduct Code: PP 1000

Product Description:
A beige coloured water-based primer for galvanised iron

Finish: Semi-matt, low sheen


  • Interior and exterior
  • For use over appropriately cleaned galvanised steel to provide good adhesion


  • A beige coloured water based primer which contains no lead, chromate, or other toxic ingredients
  • It may be over coated with a wide range of topcoats such as alkyds, vinyl and water-based types
  • Two-pack polyurethanes, epoxies and nitro-cellulose not recommended


Spreading Rate:
Theoretical Spreading Rate: 11 m²/ℓ at 30 μm DFT
Practical Spreading Rate: 6 m²/ℓ at 30 μm DFT

Colours: Beige

Touch Dry at 23°C: 30 min

Recoating Time: With waterbased topcoat – 2h; With solvent based topcoat – 24h

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