Moisture Tolerant Plaster Primer

Prep PMT1100-trade_PSProduct Code: PMT 1100

Product Description:
A high quality moisture tolerant primer for a variety of substrates

Finish: Sheen


  • As a sealer for fast track buildings where the cement plaster has not properly cured (normal time 28 days) and coating has to proceed
  • On surfaces with 19% maximum moisture content on green plaster, measured on a Doser Hygrometer or equivalent.


  • Prevents moisture damage on porous substrates
  • Seals walls to facilitate paint application
  • Good adhesion and flexibility
  • Alkali resistant
  • For fast track projects


Spreading Rate:
Theoretical Spreading Rate: 5m²/ℓ (approx.). The spreading rate depends on the texture and absorbency of the surface to be treated

Colours: Clear

Touch Dry at 23°C: 8h

Recoating Time: 24h

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