Professional Rain Resistant Low Sheen

Walls PRR 1 - packshotProduct Code: PRR 1 & TRR Tint Bases

Product Description:
Highly durable water-based acrylic emulsion paint designed with quick-drying technology for exterior use.

Packaging: 5ℓ and 20ℓ

Finish: Low Sheen


Suitable for correctly primed new plaster, concrete, porous brickwork, various types of
building boards, wood and steel.


  • Resistant to rain 30 minutes after application
  • Dries to a low sheen finish with good washability and stain resistance
  • A smooth non-porous finish
  • Quick-drying technology
  • UV and alkali resistant
  • Ease of application and good hiding in 2 coats
  • High hiding
  • Low VOC
  • No added lead


Spreading Rate:

  • Theoretical Spreading Rate: 12.7 m²/ℓ (approx.) @ 30 μm DFT; this serve as a guide only.
  • Practical Spreading Rate: Practical spreading rate will vary depending on the porosity and profile of
    the substrate, as well as the application technique and tools used.

Colours: White (PRR 1); Pastel Tint Base (TRR 1000), Deep Tint Base (TRR 2000),
Transparent Tint Base (TRR 3000)

Touch dry: 30 min at 23 °C
Over coating: 2 h at 23 °C
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