Super Matt

Walls PEM900-trade_PSProduct Code: PEM 900

Product Description:
Good quality acrylic emulsion paint for interior and exterior use

Finish: Smooth, matt


  • Interior and exterior
  • Suitable for suitably primed plaster, concrete, porous brickwork
    and various types of building boards


  • Good washability
  • Very good obliteration
  • Very good scrub resistance
  • UV resistant pigments
  • Very good durability


Spreading Rate:
Theoretical Spreading Rate 11 m²/ℓ at 30 μm DFT
Practical Spreading Rate 6 m²/ℓ at 30 μm DFT

Colours: White; Tint Bases (TSA Series)

Touch Dry at 23°C: ½ h

Recoating Time: 1h

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